Netflix is finally here !!!

For those who are not aware of Netflix, Netflix is an American company that offers both physical DVD rentals and streaming video services.

Until recently, Netflix has been operating in North America, South America and Europe where it has a market capital of $25.5 Billion.

Netflix launched across Africa on 6th of January 2015.  Social media has contributed to the hype and excitement of being able to stream live shows and movies.

Like any other movie fanatic this was exciting news to me as I don’t have to wait to watch a new movie (as has been the norm of watching them through ‘second camera-shot Cinema’ just to keep up with the social media trends; you don’t want to be left behind, throwing your tweets in June about a movie that was launched in January!).

But when reality kicks in, will I be able subscribe to Netflix? What other options do I have? What is Netflix competing against in Africa?

For the case of Rwanda Netflix is competing against DSTV, GO TV, Star Times, Canal+ and other batch of local-based private TV stations.

DSTV offers sports bouquet packages which costs approximately $63 per month that Netflix does not offer as an Arsenal fan; and considering that Arsenal will be champions this year – it means that I most definitely will choose DSTV. However DSTV does not offer the quality picture and most recent releases (brand new) movies offered by Netflix.

More so, Canal+ which offers the lowest subscription packages at US$10.05 per month is also incomparable in terms of quality content to Netflix. Additionally, Canal+ majorly offers content in French language which gives me no choice but to drop this option because I don’t speak a lot of French (though I cannot starve in France “je veux de l’eau”!) .

GO TV costs US$8.98 per month but like Canal+, the content quality is nowhere near Netflix’s; and ideally, a movie person should opt for Netflix!

This brings me to Netflix – whose lowest subscription offer is US$7.99 per month – but with a lot of additional complications. For instance, how do I pay? The main mode of transaction utilized by many Africans is mobile or cash payments. Also, the cost of internet is high and for one to stream movies on Netflix, one needs a steady and fast internet which means I need to subscribe to unlimited internet.

The only telecommunication Company that offers unlimited internet in Rwanda is MTN Rwanda which costs USD$33.49 per month, and though there are other Telcos with same bundle packages, it ain’t advisable to use them on Netflix. Therefore if you were to opt for Netflix you would pay USD$41.48 per month.

For Netflix to take off in Rwanda, some collaborations or innovations have to take place. The opportunity is that 4G LTE has been launched in Rwanda therefore telecommunication companies can come up with internet packages that favor Netflix subscribers.

Another opportunity is that the government of Rwanda has already invested in an optic fiber that covers the whole country, therefore a startup company that can invest in laying fiber to homes meaning that the cost of internet would drop.








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My elder brother says I spend a lot on transport because am lazy

I hope you can identify with me that person in your life that always throws comments to you, some hurting and a on good day refreshing.

Well my elder brother says I spend a lot on transport because am lazy, he says that I should always walk short distances and use public means to go to work or to any other appointment.

Personally I love motorcycles (motos), they get me wherever I want to go in the shortest time possible without worrying about traffic jam, in fact I pay the rider before I get on to reduce on the unnecessary delays  or conflicts such as “boss ko na change infite” (I do not have change)  , I started this model of paying first after losing a lot of money because the rider doesn’t have change and am in a hurry  , What used to happen is that after arriving at my destination I pay the rider then the rider tells me that he doesn’t have enough change and he looks perplexed like he has no other solution and it’s always 100 Rfw in excess , then I hear that suggesting voice “grand fere tubigenze gute”  (brother what can we do) most of the times  I let the 100 Rwf go , but with time I came up with the paying first approach of course it has its disadvantages , I always get this from riders half way through the journey  “boss urongera ho aha nikure” (you have to add more money this place is far) .

I don’t know how my elder brother came up with this conclusion possibly he checked out my daily budget and saw my transport expenses but that has a lot of passwords around it or maybe he just made it up without making a bit of research.

I remember the day he first mentioned it I had an appointment 200 meters from my home he thought I would walk to the place but I boarded a motorcycle of course I had my own reasons why I chose to use a motorcycle instead of walking, if I had walked I wouldn’t have made it on time and I would be sweating.

“Listen to your elders “this is one of the basic principles that have made me what I am today, therefore I decided to test his suggestion. I forgot an important document at home which I really needed so I left work to go and pick it this is when I decided to give my brother’s suggestion a shot.

I walked to the bus stage to board a bus home , I spent approximately 10 minutes waiting for a bus this gave me time to cool off at least I said that to myself to keep positive.  I spent  45 minutes to get to nearest bus station ,( I usually take 10-15 minutes to get home from work using a motorcycle)   then I walked home this took me 10 minutes to get home , I immediately picked the document then walked back to the bus station to get the bus back to work luckily I immediately  boarded the bus back to work without waiting.

On the bus back to my work place the bus stopped at multiple bus stations to let more passengers in , this wasn’t fun at all since my boss had given me 30 minutes to back to office a lot of thoughts came up in my mind should I get out of the bus and board a motorcycle ? ,but I needed to finish up with the experiment .

I remembered a story a friend told me about a man that had a flight to take and was coming from Gisenyi  he wanted to arrive at the airport before check-in time . The man boarded a bus from Gisenyi to Kigali hoping to get to Kigali 30 minutes before his check in time , usually buses from provinces do not disappoint they are always on time  , the man I think trusted the bus company to get him to Kigali on time  but this bus was different the bus driver  wanted some side cash therefore he would stop on every bus station get out and negotiate with a client and then come back into the bus, he did this several times.

The man raised his issue he told the driver that he had a plane to board and he expects the driver to get to Kigali on time and warned him not to stop again or he would call the bus company boss everyone in the bus was supportive and they all did not agree with the multiple stop overs . The driver gave a deaf ear to everyone’s cry he stopped again went out and dis his thing, this time the whole bus was disgusted and raised their complaints but the driver did it one more time, he went out of the bus then started negotiating with another client as the negotiations where going on ,the man who had a plane to catch moved to the driver’s seat luckily the driver had left the key , he started the car and drove it to Kigali leaving the bus driver still negotiating.

This is how I exactly felt when the bus driver was stopping at every bus stage only that he was not getting out of the bus since he had a conductor; anyway I arrived at work after exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes

Well you might be thinking  that this doesn’t concern you because you have a car but guess what Satellite Parking is coming to Kigali ,in fact it is here follow link for more that means you will have to depend on shuttles to get to your work place at some point or decide to get a moto to work.

The real issue here is time and the only way to solve the issue is having buses or shuttles that are timed, buses you can depend on to get to work on time until then I will stick to motorcycles.

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Let’s talk football

Let's talk football.

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Let’s talk football

A beautiful sport , a uniting sport , a sport that is enjoyed by the person playing it and the person watching it , a sport that tests Loyalty (An Arsenal fanatic understands this) , a sport that brings joy to the winner , a sport that can break a man’s heart forget about girlfriends  , i have heard people commit suicide because of the sport, some fans have become rich and others poor , betting about the sport. 

The African cup this year has had some drama the Tunisia vs Equatorial Guinea and Gahana vs Equatorial Guinea games but that is football , congratulation to Ivory coast for winning this years African cup .

Let’s talk football , Let’s talk Rwandan football ,Honestly the first game of the the Rwanda’s Amavubi stars  i watched was against Uganda Cranes that day Jimmy Gatete sealed the day , it was a famous win .

In that game the man that caught my eye was Mbonabucya Desire , this guy was allover the mid field , the Mighty Uganda cranes had no chance he was so mature and on point . Today i decided to look up Mbonabucya Desire on YouTube , well i didn’t even expect i would find him , after a few searches i found this video “A tribute to Mbonabucya Desire”  click link . 

Mbonabucya Desire’s video proves why Rwanda’s Amavubi stars had performed so well in that game and later qualified for the African cup that year .

Well the question is shall we ever get great players like Mbonabucya Desire, Jimmy Gatete and Olivier Karekezi ? maybe this will bring back the fans to the stadiums ,maybe even you .

Watch Olivier Karekezi

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My mistake

After my bachelors at campus , I was determined not to get a job , in fact i initiated an idea to my close friends on if we should start a company, good enough everyone was up for the idea , so we opened an IT company.but I still thought we lacked the skill , then luckily I went for a training in Kenya , on mobile applications development which included business training.

To be honest this was the most informative time in my academic life , I even wondered what I was learning in university anyway learning here was different from university , more practical and real.

So in kenya I learnt alot about business and I couldn’t wait to go back to Rwanda to start a company , more determined this time .

After the training I came back in Rwanda more determined than ever ,I called for a meeting with my business partners and friends, from the skills I had gotten from the training we developed the idea of the IT company , so we developed our services and we were good to go, we even opened up office.

Things got really hard , reality is entrepreneurship is not easy as people have painted it to be “quit your job and be an entrepreneur” lets leave that statement for another day , Respect to all entrepreneurs its not an easy way to go.

We started the company 5 people , we all had a background of IT , we were all running the company, this was the first mistake , we started a company we did not start a product this was the second mistake.

The first mistake we started the company 5 people all with a background of IT, when we started the company we didn’t know the challenge ahead , we didn’t know that we would need someone to market our services, we didn’t know we needed a sales manager, we didn’t know we needed someone to do the finance , maybe we did , so we thought we could handle it , “well those are simple things we can handle them” , this is the biggest myth among “techies”, they form startups without considering this, if you did a simple research of the tech start ups available in Rwanda today you will find most of them never consider this. You find 4, 3 or even 6 people all with an IT background registering a start up.

Well what I learnt is before you start a company around an idea and you don’t want to go in alone , you want business partners , when choosing a business partner think of what value that person is bringing to the company . If you have an IT background maybe you need someone to do marketing, you need an investor, I don’t think you need another IT person , if you don’t have a skill that person has maybe you need to employ them not to make them a business partner, because after that he will add no value to the company.

If we young entrepreneurs can change our mindset , such that if we are to start a start up and need partners we first see what value each partner is supposed to bring on board maybe we would have more successful start-ups.

The second mistake is starting a company without a product , yes like us many young entrepreneurs have started companies but without products , this can work out especially if you are to go for government tenders , but it’s not a good idea to start a company without a product. Its better to develop a company around a product , a company with a product is easy to market.

Some young entrepreneurs think they can form a company then look for a product , yes it works out sometimes but it is hard life. The best way is to have a product then start a company around that product.

That was my first company, I made my mistakes , if you read this don’t make my mistakes learn from them.


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Simple & Easy (faith)




The easiest thing to do is what God tells us to do ,but becomes difficult if it passes our five senses .

The instruction from God to us are simple and easy .

-You lack because you don’t ask
-When you ask believe that you have already received
-Test me with your a tenth
-Do unto others what you would want them to do unto you .

Very simple and easy , but I find my self not obeying any of them
-My eyes look and can’t see anything
-My ears hear but don’t listen
-My tongue tastes nothing
-My skin doesn’t feel anything
-My nose smells nothing

And all together convince my my mind and corrupt my heart which fails to follow or do the simple instructions.

All I need is faith , to trust in my maker .

Oh father am so sorry ,forgive me for my unbelief . Renew my mind oh God, let me walk by faith not by sight.

May I have the eyes to see with faith , to live by faith , for its only by faith that I can please you.

Let me glorify you in every little thing  I do oh God ,take over , may you shine on me , may you get all the honor and praise.

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